Thursday, August 13, 2009


midsummer garden - french fingerling potatoes have been amazing - have been doing the aluminum foil packet with garlic thyme and olive oil on the grill - but need to try my motherinlaws buttery skillet too oh and made a great corn chowder with the potatoes and corn from outstanding in the field - waiting patiently for my tomatoes to turn
Have also been loving:
zucchini - sauteed and in bread and these yummy cupcakes maybe try this too
arugula - favorite favorite! buy twice the amount of seeds next year - love simple salads but made some great pasta with it too - recipe in local flavors and made some great arugula pesto (perfect to freeze)
radishes - buy more seeds next year
All my herbs - that are growing wild - froze a bunch in icecube trays for soup and sauces this winter - freeze more - maybe when Im freezing canning tomatos - soon?

From my mother in laws amazing garden:
cauliflower - plant that next year
broccoli - same
beets - plant as many as I can I have to make up for lost time
swiss chard - awesome savory tart in simple art of cooking
romain and spinach
corn! - so fantastic

Must remember to till and ammend better - thats why half of the garden is quite pathetic looking

more flowers too - delphiniums, dinner plate dahlias, oriental poppies

OH and I do love artisan bread in five minutes - took close to a year to finally try it but its great

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