Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my store

on etsy is open! redcruiser.etsy

I just started putting stuff up and hope to have more up by next week!

Its so fun to have a place to collect some of my work and motivate/inspire me to keep making!

Viet said it perfectly in his article in metro
"Being a designer makes it harder for me to be an artist. I struggle with the need to always have a problem to solve."

I have been away from design in the everyday sense for awhile so Ive begun to be able to play in my sketchbooks and just think creatively and fun and not be so critical - but having an etsy store to put some of my finished art in helps me feel a bit more like a purposeful...

Thanks april for posting about viet - so great to see!


Natalie Schaefer said...

looks great! i especially love the fox print.

Ape said...

congrats hi.d! i'm super excited for you.
i loved v's article as well. being a designer is HARD work in many ways...

Hi.d said...

thanks guys