Wednesday, December 02, 2009

activity advent calendar

done! its so fun - Im going to do countdown calendars for all seasons - its great to get excited about whats to come and have a little thing to do each day. I zig zag stitched white cardstock to make envelopes and stuffed each date with an activity card and stickers in some too. I borrowed some ideas from here and here for the activity cards -and used my art line in the playroom (art line idea from amanda blake soule's book creative family) to hang our advent calendar.

our activities for the next 25:
try a candycane
make paper snowflakes
have a christmas music dance party
put wreaths up
get a christmas tree and decorate
have a christmas book-a-thon (at least 5 books!)
have a picnic under the christmas tree
make peanut butter & pinecone birdfeeders for the birdies
play with and talk about the nativity set
go see "a day in the life of an elf" (at macys)
read our family christmas history book by the tree
put coins in the salvation army bucket
go baby's crib, the animal cabinet, and play tent
address, color, and mail christmas cards
knit together
make christmas ornaments
make a gingerbread house
donate to toys for tots
watch a christmas movie with popcorn
make an ice wreath
make sugar cookies and decorate
look at christmas lights (tonight)
have hot chocolate with marchmallows and candycanes
play in the snow! I hope
sing silent night on the way home from grandma and grandpas
merry christmas give everyone in our family a big hug and kiss!


Ape said...

that is so adorable! just reading all your activities is fun, i can't imagine how fun it will be actually doing them. super creative as always hi.d. love it.
have fun executing!

Hi.d said...

thanks april!