Friday, December 18, 2009

holiday party recipes

little rubies photo from 101 cookbooks

broken oven gone tomorrow. new oven in its place. must make christmas cookies! and some other holidayish things
sparkling ginger chip cookies from 101 cookbooks - that she contributed to 12 days of cookies found on lottie + doof (from designsponge)
betty claus sugar cookies
we had the best gingerbread cookies from byerlys last week I want to make them - need a good recipe maybe this one
no I think I need to try this ginger molasses cookie recipe from orangette which is adapted from macrinas cookbook (loved that bakery when we were in seattle...and actually I want this cookbook too)
probably need something chocolate too - I thought the chocolate crinkles from the art of simple food were pretty good.
peppermint bark?
chocolate toffee something ...I need to look around more
try these sparkling cranberries
they look like little rubies - photo from 101 cookbooks
grape salsa on goat cheese crostini - from sprouted kitchen - for sundays party
for christmas eve - feta salsa - from smitten kitchen
maybe not so much a party recipe but these days applesauce is kinda a party


Ape said...

this list makes me laugh. you sound like you've had a lot of caffeine!

Hi.d said...

ha I did have an afternoon eggnog latte! and was up way to I have no energy to do any of my grand plans....maybe its time for another eggnog latte! Theres only a few more days in the season might as well

sara said...

i agree, tis the season, drink up. Good luck with your cooking!

Hi.d said...

sara - I made your gape salsa the other day - perfect time for it since holiday foods tend to get so heavy- thanks!