Thursday, January 07, 2010

ok the good of winter...

inspired by aprils rosy winter post

books - I finally have a stack of them that I cant wait to get to
and get to use my new bookmarks - from magical scraps a great little handmade store in brekenridge (from my sis in law who lives there)

fires - with lavender fire starters

my puffy perfect winter coat, uggs and smartwool socks - really want some of the new ones though...
and footy pjs (not for me) brixton hats (again not me)

countless snow angels followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows

winter birthday parties - next one pink cake!

roasting - vegetables, chicken, meat, pears - this recipe is so good!

red wine
red rock is our favorite cheapy right now

and tea - love mighty leaf vanilla bean but want to try smith tea just because I love the simple no staple packaging

oh and of course clementines and everything citrus


Ape said...

nice job. way to be positive!

Hi.d said...

thanks - the real test will be to ask me in a month what the good of winter is....