Friday, July 09, 2010

favorite market ever

Love the mill city market
its the perfect size
its in such a great location in between the new Guthrie and mill city museum - perfect mix of old and new.
Love that when I go buy eggs from Mike at Brauchers he says "hi heidi" every week (we buy 1/4 orders of meat from him so does my family and my husbands and some of our friends but still he sees lots of people...)
Love this new drink that was at spoon rivers stand last week - we made it and tasted just as good

watermelon herb infused water
cut up a good quality watermelon that actually tastes like a watermelon...
and mint and basil and fill pitcher with water - much better if you let it sit all day or overnight.

little r loves that sometimes she get icecream at 10 am...
and I love filling up my great market bag - made by natalie

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