Sunday, October 17, 2010

fall love

making everything apple - applesauce. applepie filling (from baked...cant wait to check out the new book by them) in the freezer for now...I'll work on the crusts and putting the whole pie together later, apple cake (the revised moosewood cookbook).
apples from my mother-in-laws apple tree that she picked for us - so great!
earlier bedtime (not for me)
jumping in leaves
zucchini and chard still growing
our last fresh garden greek salad in the middle of october!
a full drawer of squash potatos onions and garlic
this beautiful fall
knitting little pink things (lately no other colors exist for R)
art night
breakfast at barbette
last day at the market - complete with clogger performance
inspiring - new to me - blog lifeisbutadream from my great friend. love the gratitude list, gentle reminders to stay present and enjoy all the little moments which are the most special if you remember to spot them and be there for them. She has some great "experiments" too and recipes - I want to try the pumpkin muffins - cooking pumpkins, and apple cinnamon muffins

and my new fall playlist here


Amy said...

Thanks Heidi!!
Love your apple pictures... how do you that with the border? Also like your fall list... so many good things!
Hey if your making apple cake you have to get the book "The Apple Cake". It is so sweet!

Hi.d said...

just requested it from the library - thanks - our apple cake didnt turn out that great - R&A love it so I guess its ok. The border is a poloroid iphone application (those photos are just with my phone...)