Sunday, October 17, 2010


in the house.
which led to some great things...
cleaning out the entire basement - over 10 bags to donate
cleaning under everything
organizing all my art/making supplies and projects
building a mouse house (above)
because of course after we put these mouse silhouettes (from the martha stewart halloween line) of course we got mice so we decided maybe we should not so boldly invite mice in our house instead we built them their own house and covered it in the mouse decorations.
during all of this - this song- Marty Dread • Mouse in the House was constantly requested
and now I think its time to read mouse and the motorcycle!
and of course getting into halloween - we each picked our favorite little pumpkin to draw on - how great that we all picked cream mini pumpkins turned into great table art.

art above mice is molly m designs - my perfect mothers day present

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Amy said...

Love the mice art!
I need to do a clean out like that!