Thursday, December 30, 2010


with friends - skating, sledding and fireworks though I think the rain/ice/snow may change some of that...
we can always just eat, drink and be merry!
what I am bringing:
apple smoked mozzarella mini calzones from sprouted kitchen
or maybe mini apple turnovers since I still have apple pie filling in the freezer and pastry sheets?

hot sandwiches:
immaculate baking crescent rolls (in the tube but without the preservatives)
salami and cheddar
ham, brie and arugula
ham, Gruyere and Dijon

lay the dough flat (don't separate for rolls)
layer the meat and cheese on one side
fold dough over and pinch close
bake 5-10 more minutes than the package directions
perfect for little kiddies and big kiddies

red white and sparkling from my new favorite cookbook - sunset

and for New Years Day
Creme fraiche coffee cake its so good
from remedy quarterly (another great gift I received!)

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