Wednesday, January 05, 2011

more winter

looking forward to planning some new menus - havent found time yet - and Ive been trying to use up some of the random things leftover from new years and stuff I had forgotten about in the freezer...

sweet potato tacos
inspired from this recipe for butternut squash tacos - (my entire family (not me) has something against butternut squash)

mix diced sweet potatoes (trader joes precut - its just a step easier), cumin, olive oil, salt and pepper
roast on 350 for about 25 minutes
cook either spicy black beans - or refried black beans with hot sauce since I grabbed the wrong can....
dice up green onion and cilantro and avocado
monterey jack/cheddar cheese or cojita if I have it
whole wheat tortilla shells
everyone makes their own - everyones happy and feels like they "made" their own dinner

farmer john's favorite pumpkin bread (minus the raisins) - which is now my favorite too - perfect too since I froze my pumpkins in 2 cup jars

loving anything with cilantro lately

mixed some broccoli, peapods, scallions, cilantro, chicken and thai peanut sauce with some udon noodles and bean sprouts - yum - even though it was a crazy mix

what I really wanted was this salad found on dinner a love story but it was a kind of throw whatever I can together from what we have and make it quick kind of night

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