Monday, March 14, 2011



we hadn't tried it yet because of the ridiculous wait - but really its not that ridiculous - the food is just that good. Its a fun place too - its small with chalkboard menus and chefs as servers...a little chaotic but perfect after a glass of wine

we had the microgreens salad, scallops, ribeye, fish + chips, and this great smores dessert - they pulled a smoky glass dish off the bowl to release the campfire smell. Seriously I cant stop thinking about that meal - oh and its cheap


Ape said...

i don't get that place. i went there with 8 people and we all thought it was awful. the service and the food. we had to request tartar sauce and lemon wedges for flavor. i had a burger that was really bad too.

yet, everyone else loves it. maybe they had a bad day that day.

Hi.d said...

it does seem like a place that is either on or could be really off since the chefs do everything - service and seriously was my favorite meals in a really long time - maybe we should meet there some night - its kinda on your way home right? try it again?

Ape said...

i'd be willing to give it a second shot