Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have been reading quite a few garden books lately
garden everywhere by alys fowler
is a great one - she was trained at the NY botanical garden but one day realized she was spending way too much time writing about gardening and practically no time doing it. But being in NY space is limited so she came up with some great ways to garden with not a lot of space. Some of my favorite ideas are planting potatos in anything but the ground - I am going to plant in my huge terra cotta pots since Im pretty sure they messed with my tomatos last year. I also liked her idea of planting in wine shipping crates (with the nice woodburned logos) - drill a few holes and prop on bricks for good drainage. I think I will try a few for herbs and salads on the deck. She also has some good potting soil recipes in there.

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Amy said...

This book looks so good and the photography amazing! I want it! We are planting extra things on deck too (yikes, I think I went overboard on the tomato seeds). Another book I think you would love that I'm ordering is Edible Landscaping. Can't remember the author though... But it looks great!