Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this weekend

mill city market
more peas (R&A eat all the peas before we even get out of the garden)
make strawberry jam - I really have that many this year!
tangletown for a tarragon plant
wise acre eatery for lunch? (pictures above from wise eaterys facebook page)
and try a fulton brewery blonde ale!
wash the windows (we have a huge cottonwood nearby so you cant even see out of our screens right now...)
make popsicles
make pizzas with a new crust
S W I M!
not touch the computer?
make this dinner it really looks awesome!
and make these drinks...since finally summer heat has arrived!
oh yes listen to the fireworks all weekend from the backyard neighbors who have been lighting them off every night for the last TWO WEEKS.

oh yeah and weed the garden
but with a glass of rose right?

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