Friday, October 21, 2011

october 18

little minnesota midget cantaloupes - fresh from the garden IN MN ON OCT 18 - LOVE IT!

these little guys were trapped under my fava beans so got kinda a late start but must grow these next year. fava beans probably not. they take up too much room and I just bought two big containers from whole foods for $3

OH and finding a huge zucchini also OCT18 was awesome - have a new zucchini banana bread recipe to try - perfect

Some random garden notes:
Next year try edamame and some pole beans - make another garden for squash, melons, and corn

I really liked the lemon cucumber - small cute little cucumbers.

TRUST my tomato plants - I got really nervous at the start of the season that they were too small so I ripped a bunch out that I had lovingly started from seed inside and replaced with store bought starters. Those store bought plants produced like 10 tomatoes total - my plants that I did leave is where I got almost all of my tomatoes this year! I think they still need more space too.

Peppers need more space too - really I just need another garden.

Ripped all the mint out before it takes over - plant some next year in the back flower garden instead.

More lavender.

Plant more garlic (did this already) and onions - lots more onions and carrots

and figure out where to plant more potatoes - tried in containers this year - not nearly enough. It was fun for the girls to dump the containers and dig through the dirt though so maybe still do that just for them.

perfect amount of swiss chard and kale

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