Friday, October 21, 2011

roasted tomatoes

best way to use up the end of the tomatoes - perfect to pull out this winter and top a pizza with!
oven 350 degrees
slice tomatos in half (works best with cherry tomatoes and small tomatoes like juane flamme)
drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper
roast for 45 min to an hour
makes your house smell lovely
and its decided I need a new phone WITH a better camera (these photos stink)
fine yes I NEED an ipad and laptop too


Amy said...

Are those green ones unripe tomatoes or a special kind of tomato? I have a bag of unripe tomoates and would love to try this!

Hi.d said...

most of those tomatoes were almost ripe black cherry tomatos - so they are a little green in ripe form )my fave I might add. I would just leave them in the bag a little longer until they turn a little and then roast them.