Wednesday, December 07, 2011

no coast

was great!
thank you to everyone who visited my store - thanks to all my friends and family too for all your help and support!
My set up worked great - simple but still able to display everything I wanted to. I sold out of a lot of things the first day so was up late making new things ... and sold out mostly saturday. so next time make more stuff! and make it much earlier. I think Ill try to get in again next year - was a very fun environment to sell my things. There were a lot of other great shops too.

some of my favorites:
sweet pea cute handmade kids/baby clothes
cayenne peppy - great bags and jewlery
bodylish yummy smelling bath stuff - like no fakey perfumey smell at all!
the medium control (design inspired modern posters, t-shirts etc)
i like you (thanks to the girls for stopping by too!)
there were lots more too - really a good show
ok off to catch up on etsy ... freelance ... and life!

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rachel! said...

wow! how exciting! it looks great -- your set-up. and so exciting about selling out!