Wednesday, May 09, 2012

road trips part one

that need to be made soon!
1. camp wandawega - elkhorn WI - old summer camp that David Hernandez and his wife Tereasa Surratt have designed as no frills but with so many great flea market, tree swing, tree house, boyscout tent, teepee touches.

2. madison, house on the rock (craziest place - collector alex jordan's eclectic "resort"), new glarus brewery (spotted cow!), spring green, wi (I remember liking this town though dont remember why - want to go find out,

3. horizons yoga and ceramics workshop - I worked here in college but haven't been back since they bought the farm next door and created this beautiful art facility

4. canoe bay - r e l a x

5. ely - burntside lodge and the chocolate moose resturant

photos from camp wandawega, house on the rock, new glarus, bethel horizons, canoe bay, burntside lodge

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