Thursday, July 26, 2012


one of my favorite places...
we spent a long weekend up there - one night camping on fenske lake - in my new tent (my fun mothers day gift!). Great swimming and exploring - it was the weekend after the northern floods so the mosquitos were horrible unfortunately so we didnt hang out too long the next morning at the campground.
Lunch at the chocolate moose in ely
and then on to the Burntside Loge on beautiful Burntside lake.
The most beautiful clean lake I've ever been too. Its on top of the continental divide so nothing flows into it - thus CLEAN! its a huge lake with over 100 little islands and half the lake is undeveloped and part of the BWCA its so great. We rented a pontoon one day and explored, lots of refreshing swimming at the beach, and saunas to warm back up, hiked to a waterfall, explored the property all the cool 1920's cabins, lots of petting moose and marina the chocolate and black lab (the resort dogs), and some chilling out, drawing and painting in the cabin. Our cabin was not the best - overlooked the parking lot...yes not the best. So we've decided to go for an entire week next year so we can reserve one of the waterfront cabins and be in total bliss! And bring most of our own food - the restaurant is too fancy for tired little sweeties who have been swimming all day and don't have the patience to wait in formal ambiance...

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amy said...

Heidi this looks so fun! What a great family vacation!