Saturday, November 03, 2012

new stuff!

in my etsy store - redcruiser. Two new calendars this year - a seasonal harvest and a beer/food pairing calendar. I am excited about this new calendar - I have been loving all the new craft beers and how great they are and fun to pair with different foods - porter and s'mores, fish fry and a pilsner, and of course my fave an IPA with a grilled summer burger.

I am working with my dad on a couple projects too - he's making little birch stands for a desk calendar and place cards. Fun to hang out in his little woodshop with him and watch him work!

I've been working on updating my website too - I hadnt in 5 years - yikes!

Took a trip to villa bellezza - a beautiful new winery & vineyards in Pepin WI that I have been working with developing their identity and other design - hopefully Ill get to posting some pictures of it later this week. (website designed by bswing)

Oh and more soon about a great holiday show I will be participating in early December - so excited for this! Ok a gloomy cold fall day is perfect today - lots of making that needs to happen - I think I am actually ready for some snow too...


amy said...

I LOVE all your new stuff Heidi!!

amy said...

Heidi I LOVE your new stuff!!