Monday, April 01, 2013

sweet lulu

My sweetest dog ever who has been by my side always for the past 8 years is no longer. My heart is heavy and I miss her a lot but am very thankful for the wonderful times we had together.
Picking her up at her eastern washington farm - as we were leaving her sticking her nose into the wind and taking one last breath of the farm air and running up to her brothers and sisters and giving them one last kiss
The ride home to seattle - she laid in my lap the whole way.
Our long walks in the seattle arboretum every day.
Playing catch
Running with her
Our trip to cannon beach with her
Driving across country to MN
How scared she was of thunderstorms the first time she heard them in MN
I think they may have turned her nose pink
Her unconditional love
All her furballs (I know in the moment this may not have been my favorite part...)
How sweet she was with our babies and as they grew how gentle and friendly she always was with them
The best cooking assistant always there to taste anything - bacon and roasted chicken especially
So thankful I made roast chicken the night she died and fed her a bunch!
Greeting us at the door always
Working with me in my office (her job to nap as close to me as possible)
Going to sleep early with me or staying up late with us.
Getting up with me if I couldnt sleep in the middle of the night.
Her running circles in the yard
Her unbelievable frisbee skills
Her awesome howl/yodels of love

Her wagging tail
Her sweet eyes that watched us in everything we did and connected with us all the time

oh lulu I miss you.
I wish we could have spent more time with you.
Im glad I got to hold you as you took your last breath and it was here in our house

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