Sunday, August 25, 2013

favorites of summer

This summer has been a great one. highlights:

cabin with my parents, bro and his fam and sis and her boyfriend - caught some fish, did some kayaking, swimming, played lots of games, mike and I went on some awesome gravel road runs, drank some tequila coolers (tequila, ice, lime, agave nectar, and club soda - drink of the summer) and highlife, campfires and chilling in the tiki lounge

the north shore - already wrote about that

waterskiing and tubing at angies, hanging out with the devries and mandles and their awesome new bulldog puppy - dozer.

camping w the jacobsons at moose lake, a full summer day at the lake, late night bonfires, the secret forest trail we found at our walk-in campsite, reenacting hansel and gretel with the girls, this song

swimming lots at my in-laws pool (in my top 5 favorite places ever)

cooking out of my garden

nights out on the patio with mike sipping rose

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