Sunday, August 25, 2013

talent show

Ruby planned her first talent show while up north at a cabin with my parents and family. The cabin had a cool tiki bar in the basement which was the ticket booth, she made tickets for everyone, everyone came with a talent and we had a great show. It was such a success she wanted to plan one with friends so we made tickets and invites to send out to 5 of our family friends. We made a ticket booth, set up the stage and everyone came with talents - another great success!

Beforehand we grilled pizzas (everyone made their own) we used naan bread to make it easier. Made this perfect red sauce, basil pesto, sausage, pepperoni, sauted veggies and herbs from the garden. Made a salad with homemade ranch, and cut up a watermelon - easy but great. Also made this delicious fresh mint ice-cream (really a highlight of the summer)

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